Ad spending on TikTok defies advertising slowdown

Ad spending on TikTok defies advertising slowdown

Every downturn is good for someone. Take TikTok, for instance. 

Even as marketers continue to scrape dollars back wherever they can, whether that be from TV or Facebook, they can’t stop pouring money into the short-form video app. And that’s despite some big question marks over whether those ad dollars could be funding growing tensions between the U.S. and China. 

Until those answers materialize, those frictions are nothing more than ifs, buts and maybes to marketers. What isn’t up for debate, though, is how much TikTok continues to dominate people’s attention. And that will always be the big draw for advertisers — irrespective of economic or political tensions.

“Between the first three quarters of 2022 and the final one, we saw ad spending on TikTok rise 20%,” said Ben Allison, head of media operations at VaynerMedia. “It’s still early this year to say for sure, but anecdotally we see this trend of investment in TikTok continue to increase with quarterly comps expected to grow at least for the duration of this year. “

It’s hard to argue with this view. Whether marketers are in a place to spend now or are instead optimistically planning for future campaigns, TikTok is now in consideration alongside always-on media channels, especially for driving awareness of big brand moments